Why Choose Us?

Who Are We?

International Pet Transport is an expert pet mover having years of experience in providing pet relocation services. We are your pets travel agent responsible for moving your pets to international locations of your choice.

You can count on us for:

Travel Planning


Travel Bookings


Advice on paperwork


Pet Relocation

Pet Travel Preparations

What Makes Us Different?

Relocating your pet is a stressful job that requires you to put in a lot of time and effort. Moving pets anywhere outside Australia isn’t easy as there are plenty of rules and regulations involved.

We are an expert in the field and thus understands these rules and regulations thoroughly. We offer expert advice and travel services to move pets quickly from one location to the other. Whether you want to design your pet’s itinerary, book a flight for them or want advice on the regulations involved in relocation, you can rely upon us for all your needs


Advantages Of Hiring Us

We are your pet’s travel agent. Once you hire us, all you need to do is sit back and relax. Right from picking your pet from your doorstep to dropping them to their destination, we will take care of everything.


Complete Assistance

Our travel experts are all ears to understanding what you expect. They will make a note of your pet’s requirements and design a customised travel plan accordingly. No matter what your pet’s needs are, our team is always ready to assist them.


Safety And Wellbeing

We love your pets as much as you do, and we are very concerned about their safety. From the start to the end of their journey, our only aim is to ensure complete comfort and safety of your pet. At no point do we want your pets to feel insecure or uncomfortable, and so our pet handlers give special attention to each pet traveling through us.



Moving your pets overseas involves a lot of formalities and uncovering all the information regarding these formalities is a time-consuming procedure. Since we are the experts, we can provide you with all the relevant information regarding your pet’s travel, so you don’t waste any time in collecting the information.

pet travel cage

Personalized Services

We know that every pet is different. No two cats or dogs can have the same nature, behavior, and requirements, and keeping this in mind, our team aims at serving the needs of every individual pet.

international cat transport

Professional Expertise

When moving pets overseas, you have to deal with complex quarantine and airline protocols. We are undertake the responsibility of handling these complex procedures, thus lifting a huge burden from your shoulders.


Assistance With Paperwork

Moving your pet internationally requires a lot of paperwork. With each country having its own rules for bringing in pets, expert advice is a must. We knows the rules and requirements of every country and hence is in a better position to help you prepare the documents for your pet’s travel. No matter where your pet is flying, our experts will guide you with the complete paperwork.

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Pet travel is a scenario that keeps your beloved pet away from you and beyond your control. This situation creates a lot of stress and anxiety and having someone to count on helps a lot. As we take the complete responsibility of your pet’s journey, you can contact us anytime to know about your pet.


Affordable Pricing

Relocating services can be heavy on the pocket, especially if you want to move your pet to an international location. We are provide pet travel services at affordable prices, making it easy for you to travel the world with your pet.

We Are Different

We are not just focuses on moving your pets to the desired location, but also gives equal importance to their care and well-being while they are traveling. With a team of pet-loving professionals, we aim at making traveling a convenient and enjoyable experience for your pets. Since your pets are in a safe and comfortable situation, you can concentrate on making travel arrangements for yourself without worrying about them. Our representatives present in various countries give a warm welcome to your pets to ensure they feel happy and secure even when overseas. Moreover, you can count on us for helping you make additional arrangements relating to your pets travel like booking the perfect-size crate, suggesting the vaccinations your pet requires before traveling to a specific country, updating records of your pet’s medical history, etc. No matter which country you want us to move your pet to, we ensure to provide a smooth travel experience to your pet and complete peace of mind to you. Come to us to make traveling a hassle-free affair for your four-legged friend.

Reduced Stress And Maximum Comfort


Traveling can be a stressful affair for your pets. Humans can understand how long and exhausting a journey is going to be. However, pets cannot understand this and may get frightened and uncomfortable. To reduce stress and risk factors, we make multiple arrangements that keep your pet comfortable throughout the flight. One of the most important arrangements that we make is that of a well-ventilated, perfect-size crate that ensures your pet travels safe and stress-free.

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