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Relocating Pets With Great Convenience

We have the expertise and experience to conveniently move pets to different countries, while adhering to all the rules and regulations relating to that country’s customs and quarantine law. We know that your pets are your family members and at no point you would want them to face any issue in their travel. Keeping this in mind, we aim at organising everything perfectly, so they reach you at the earliest and in the most comfortable manner.

An Expert In Preparing Pets For International Travels

The rules regarding pets entering international destinations are strict. Many countries require pets to begin preparing to travel well in advance. Pets need to undergo various veterinary treatments, obtain import or export permits, get health check-ups done, etc. With strict quarantine and airline protocols, it is important for all pets traveling abroad to carefully follows these rules for smooth departure and arrival. We use our experience to design travel plans that suit the requirements of your pet and meet all the rules and regulations of both the nations.

Thorough Knowledge Regarding Rules

Transportation of pets to international destinations calls for the need to follow the strict laws relating to customs and quarantine. Pet Transport is entirely aware of these laws and hence offers guidance following these laws to avoid any obstacle or inconvenience in pet transportation.

Pets Traveling From Australia

We don’t just focus on making travel arrangements for your cat, but also on their comfort. Our pet handling team carefully looks after your cat throughout the journey to ensure that at no point they feel low, scared, or uncomfortable. Traveling can be a stressful event for your cat, and hence, it is important to make the right arrangements to ensure they stay happy and comfortable throughout the journey.

Pets Traveling To Australia

Just like there are formalities involved in moving your pets outside Australia, there are specific rules and regulations relating to bringing your pets within Australia. Depending on where your pets are traveling from, Australia requires the planning and arrangements to begin 2 to 7 months in advance. We have thorough knowledge of the process involved in bringing pets to Australia from different countries. So, no matter from which country your pet is traveling from, we can take care of all the formalities to ensure a smooth entry into Australia.

Quarantine Procedure

Australia is particular about animal health status. It is free from various cat and dog diseases and wants to protect this status. To do so, Australia encourages pets entering the nation to undertake quarantine. Quarantine helps AQIS to examine the animal’s health and analyze any disease before the pet enters the nation. The quarantine station of Australia is located in Melbourne, and any pet entering the country has to spend a particular number of days here. We takes the responsibility of forwarding pets to the quarantine station and collecting them after the examination. We also offer transportation facility from the quarantine to your address, even if you are located somewhere outside Melbourne.

Booking The Quarantine Space For Your Pet

As a lot of pets are being imported to Australia daily, it is advisable to book kennels at the Australian Animal Quarantine Stations well in advance. We are undertake the responsibility of contacting the relevant Quarantine Station to book and confirm a kennel for your cat or dog on their arrival. To book a spot for your pet at an Australian animal Quarantine Station, you need to provide a valid import permit. We can guide you on obtaining the import permit as well.

Collecting Pets From Quarantine

Once the pet has spent the required number of days at the quarantine station, it is the responsibility of the importer or its authorized agent to collect the pet. As we serve as your authorized agents, we send our experts to collect your pets from the quarantine station, allowing you to sit back and wait for them to be brought at your doorstep.

To avoid inconvenience while collecting your pets, we request you to issue written permission to us to collect your pet from the quarantine station. The permission letter has to be presented at the time of collection.

Premium Pet Relocation Transport Service

Your Pet Is Our Responsibility

When you appoint us as your pet’s travel agent, we don’t just focus on designing a travel plan or making bookings but also focus on helping your pet clear customs and quarantine. With our expert advice, the chances of your pet clearing the customs and quarantine are high. Since we give you complete details on all the rules laid by the government of your destination country, the chances of your pet being rejected an entry are rare. Opting for our pet transportation services will give you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your travel arrangements more. Placing the responsibility of moving your pet abroad is a wise decision, as our focus is on moving your pet safely, with minimum hassle.

Contact Us For More Details

If you have any questions regarding customs clearance and quarantine laws of any particular country, you can get in touch with our team. Our travel experts can provide complete details on all the rules and regulations relating to your pets international travel.