About Us

Welcome to International Pet Transport

International Pet Transport has been a reputed name in the pet transport industry for years. With our expertise, skills, and experience, we provide high-quality pet transport services that make it convenient for families to travel with their pets anywhere in the world.

Your Pet’s Travel Expert

Traveling with your pet is a fun yet stressful affair. You need to prepare a proper plan and make perfect arrangements to ensure your pet reaches the destination on time, without much hassle. The planning and arrangements you make for your pet’s travel need to be perfect. Until everything is well planned and perfectly executed, your pet isn’t going to have a pleasant traveling experience. To ensure your pet is moved from one country to the other in the most comfortably and conveniently manner, we offer high-quality pet relocation services. No matter where your pet needs to travel, we can act as their travel agent and plan a delightful journey for them

One-Stop Solution

We, at International Pet Transport, are an expert in moving pets to international locations. Right from planning your pet’s travel to making the bookings to ensuring they reach you on time, we take complete responsibility for your pet’s transportation. Our wide-spread network allows us to transport your pets safely from one location to the other.

Our Background

Our background gives us plenty of experience in transporting pets and taking care of them during travel. With our pet travel planners, pet handlers and vets, we are always ready to help you move your pet anywhere in the world. Our pet travel planners have been designing effective travel plans for pets for ages, and this makes them an expert in the field. Also, our pet handlers are trained professionals who look after your pets in the best manner. As it is our job to ensure your pets are safe during travel, we have our vets available to help us in case an unforeseen situation arises.

What Makes Us Different?

International Pet Transport provides the best service in the industry at an affordable price, so you don’t have to think twice to take your pet along with you for a holiday. Our services aim at minimising the stress involved in relocating your pets, ensuring comfort for both you and your pet.

Our Team

The team at International Pet Transport is enthusiastic about carefully transporting pets from one place to the other. Our team includes travel experts, pet caretakers, and vets who work together to ensure your pets reach their destination safely without any hassle. Moving your cat or dog is extremely stressful, and this is why our team takes great precautions to make your pet’s journey a comfortable one. No matter where you want to move your pet, you can count on us for their safe travel.

Our Promise

Our travel experts are the ones who do the planning for your pet’s transportation. They choose the best routes and the most direct flights to ensure your pets reunite with you as early as possible. Our pet handlers are animal lovers who look forward to taking care and pampering your pets just the way you do. They ensure your pets don’t feel low and homesick while they are away from you. Our team works collectively to keep up to the promise we make to you to transport your pet safely.

Our Efforts

Our team gives in their 100 percent to ensure the safety and comfort of your pets throughout their travel. However, we understand that there will be times when your pets may feel low, unwell, and uncomfortable. In such situations, we get them consulted by our experienced vets who suggest precautions or treatments to improve their condition.

Our Aim

International Pet Transport serves as your pet’s travel agent, looking after every arrangement carefully to ensure a smooth travel experience for your pet. We aim is to move your pet with the utmost care and responsibility to the desired destination. When booking with International Pet Transport, you can be sure of placing your pet’s responsibility in safe hands

Our Services


Door to door service

We can pick up your pet from your doorstep and deliver them to your new international address.


Airport to airport service

We can collect your pet from the airport and take care of their travel until they reach the other airport. You can be present to collect your pets from the other end.


Airport to door service

We can collect your pet from the airport and drop them at your new address.


Door to airport service

We can also pick pets from your home and take care of their entire travel untill they reach the other airport.

Why Rely On Us?

We are pet lovers, just like you. We are excited to undertake pet transport responsibilities because we get the opportunity to meet and look after new animals. We are enthusiastic about handling different cats and dogs, so no matter what breed you own, we would love to take care of it. We are known to be an experienced pet relocation company that is great at transporting pets safely across the globe.

Call For A Quote

Get in touch with our travel experts to get guidance on moving your pet to your new home or holiday destination. Once you discuss your requirements with our travel experts, they will get onto designing a customised plan for your pet.