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International Pet Transport specialises in relocating pets overseas in the most comfortable and stress-free manner. With years of experience, knowledge, and skills, we are one of the leading pet transport service providers in Australia. Our pet travel experts can take care of everything relating to the international travel of your pet, irrespective of the destination.

Preparing Your Pet For The Travel

International Pet Transport doesn’t just undertake the responsibility of making travel itinerary and bookings for your pet, but also helps you prepare your pet for the travel. Every country in the world have various animal regulations and policies that are to be adhered to. Also, different airlines have different rules regarding carrying various pets. At International Pet Transport, we consider every rule when planning for your pet’s travel. Also, we help pet owners prepare their pets for the travel depending on the requirement of the country they are entering. Most countries require pets to take vaccinations a few weeks or months in advance of their travel. Our experts guide you with the list of vaccinations your pets need to take before commencing the journey.


Ensuring Complete Attention

We understand that every pet is different, and so are their requirements. This is why we arrange a one-on-one session with our travel experts for you to share the details of your pet’s preferences and needs. Our travel experts will then plan an itinerary, keeping your pet’s requirements in mind. Our personalized services aim to cater to the needs of every individual and their pet.


Promising A Great Experience

We, at International Pet Transport, work hard to ensure your pet enjoys a convenient travel experience. We know that your furry family members require extra care and comfort, and this is why we have appointed an animal-loving team to look after them in your absence. We have a history of zero-harm rating that makes it easy for most pet owners to trust us with the transportation of their pets.


Handling Pet Quarantine

Quarantine laws differ from country to country and so does the process and the time duration. When moving your pet to a particular country, it is important to gather all the information related to quarantine. To prevent any inconvenience, we undertake the responsibility of helping your pet clear the quarantine procedure. As we are thorough with the rules and regulations, we ensure to prepare your pet to clear the quarantine with the utmost ease.


Putting Your Pets Comfort First

Transporting your pet overseas is our job and we take this quite seriously. While preparing a travel plan, we place the utmost importance on the comfort and safety of your pet. Whether we book an airline for your pet or hire a car, we ensure the mode of transport keeps your pet comfortable throughout. We never compromise on the safety and security of your pets.


Eligibility For Flying

Any pet traveling abroad needs to be healthy and in the condition to handle a long journey. Hence, it is important to take your pet to a vet and have an assessment carried on ensuring they are fit to travel. It is important to have the health record of your pet properly documented before the travel.

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Simplifying The Complex Procedure

The process of moving pets to foreign countries is a daunting one. If you aren’t familiar with the complex procedure or have never had your pet travel international before, you will surely require guidance from the experts. International Pet Transport is an expert when it comes to moving pets abroad and hence relying on our services is a wise decision. Also, it is important to know that moving your pets to different countries requires adherence to different rules and you may not have the complete knowledge regarding the same. Our years of experience in the pet travel industry has helped us gain immense knowledge of moving pets to different international locations. Moreover, we have built a huge network on contacts in multiple countries that makes it convenient for us to transport your pets safely to these international destinations.

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