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Preparing Your Pets To Fly International

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Preparing Pets In Advance

Pet transportation is a huge responsibility that requires plenty of planning. To ensure your pet is ready to fly, you need to begin preparations months in advance to avoid last minute disappointment.

How To Prepare Your Pet For The Travel?

The most important thing to take into consideration while planning an international trip for your pets is their health. You need to ensure your pet is fit and fine to commence a journey, and for this, you need to take them for regular health check-ups. Beginning this process well in advance is going to be beneficial because if there are any early signs of diseases, they can be treated right away. Once you are confident about the health of your pet, you need to get the right vaccinations done for them. You must also maintain a proper record of this to present at boarding kennels, government vets, and any other place as required.

Your Pet’s Comfort Is The Priority

No matter which country your pet is flying to, or how short or long their journey is going to be, you need to prepare them to be comfortable during the travel. Anything and everything you do to ready your pet for the travel should be aimed at keeping them comfortable, happy and relaxed throughout the journey. It is advisable to prevent doing any such thing that makes them irritated, uncomfortable or uneasy before their travel.

Choose The Right Travel Crate

Pets cannot board the flight until they are put in a travel-friendly, airline-approved crate. Since your pets need to be in a travel crate throughout their journey, it is important to choose the right crate for them. Airlines do not accept too big or too small crates. They need to be just of the perfect size, allowing your pet to sit, stand and turn around comfortably. When preparing for your pets travel, you need to ensure you pick the right travel crate for the comfort of your pet.

Check All The Requirements Of Your Destination Country

Transporting pets overseas involves plenty of rules and regulations and these rules differ from country to country. It is important to be thorough with the rules of the destination country to ensure your pet enjoys an easy entry. Before your pet is ready to fly, you need to check on information like if there’s need for an import permit, microchip, specific vaccinations, Blood Titer Test, etc. We can provide complete information on the requirements of your destination country and help you fulfill all of them.

Keep Your Pet Happy

Your pets have the ability to sense your mood. If you are happy, they will be happy. If you feel low, they too may get sad. To ensure your pet is ready to commence the journey, you need to make them feel comfortable. 

The best way to do so is to stay calm and relaxed when preparing your pet to leave. Showing anxiety can make your pet feel uncomfortable and it may become difficult for them to leave you. Hence, it is best to ensure your pet stays calm when about to begin the journey.

Our EffortsAvoid Feeding Pets Before Flight

On the day your pet has to travel, refrain from feeding them anything within 6 hours of their flight. This will not just prevent them from being travel sick but will also ensure they do not soil the crate and enjoy a comfortable flight.

Arrange For The Perfect Bedding

It is advisable to provide a dry fleece mat in your pet’s travel crate, so they can stay comfortable throughout the journey. A dry fleece mat can absorb moisture and keep your pet dry and relaxed. For added comfort, you can provide additional bedding. However, you need to ensure that the bedding you are throwing in isn’t too bulky.

Get Your Pet A New Friend

We recommend getting a toy for your pet to play with. You can get the toy a few weeks in advance of the travel, so your pet can familiarize yourself with it and be comfortable traveling with it. Putting this toy in your pet’s crate on the day of travel will give your pet a sense of security.


Take Your Pet For A Walk

Your pet wouldn’t be able to move around or stretch once they are board on a flight. To help them feel easy, it is recommended to take them out for a walk before they are put in the travel crate. A good walk will help your pet stretch their legs and empty before a long and tiring journey.

Familiarise Pets With Their Travel Crates

Travelling can put your pet in a difficult-to-deal-with situation. They may feel sad, shocked, or may develop a fear of being abandoned. To avoid this, it is best to get your pet familiarised with a scent and use the same scent on the objects that will be placed in your pet’s travel crate. This strategy works well for keeping your pet calm and comfortable while you are away. Also, no matter how much money you spend on your pet’s travel crate, there are still chances of them being uncomfortable in it because they aren’t familiar with it. When preparing your pet for a trip, ensure to buy their travel crate well in advance, so you have enough time to familiarise them to the crate and make them feel comfortable.

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