Frequently Asked Questions


International Pet Transport aims at transporting pets to different locations with the utmost care. Our team includes pet travel consultants, pet care handlers and vets who are always on their toes to manage your pets. Our team is extremely careful in handling your pets and ensures they reach their destination safely.

Your pets travel in a comfortable travel crate that has arrangements for fitting a water container and an external funnel to refill the container for your pet. Before the flight departs, we ensure to fill the water container for your pet. The container is also refilled at transit points. It isn’t possible to provide food to your pet while travelling as most airlines do not permit food items in the travel container.

The airline your pet is scheduled to travel with has specialised staff to look after your pet. Pets are a priority, and hence they are loaded onto a plane last and offloaded first. In case of long journeys, the airline ground staff looks after their condition and refills water in their bowls at transit points. At no point can a pet be removed from the travel crate until they arrive at their final destination. If a pet appears to be too unwell, only then they are removed from the crate for vet access.

It isn’t recommended to sedate your pet as this can be harmful to them. Sedation can lead to low blood pressure and dehydration, thus risking their health. Instead, pet owners can opt for natural products that help in calming pets.

You can add a blanket to your pet’s travel container to make them feel comfortable. However, in case your pet soils the travel crate, then these things will be removed.

Pets shouldn’t be fed for at least 6-8 hours before boarding the flight to prevent them from soiling the crate. It is important to know that the airline staff does not load a pet onto the flight if the pet has soiled the crate. In such cases, the staff will call International Pet Transport to clean the crate and prepare the pet to board the flight. Please note that soiled crates can lead to late arrivals and missed connections and hence it is advisable to prevent feeding your pet before the flight.

If your pet is comfortable with a toy, you can consider adding it to their crate. However, you need to ensure that the toy you are adding to your pet’s crate isn’t too big or too small. There are chances of your pet swallowing small toys and choking on them. Whereas, too large toys may take away too much space in the crate, leaving limited area for your pet. Please note that airlines do not permit you to add metal items, food, or sharp objects in the travel crate for safety reasons.

To check if the travel crate is the perfect size for your pet, you need to make them stand up, turn around and lie down. If they can do all of this comfortably, then the travel container is perfect for them. Do not opt for a travel container that has extra space as this can be harmful to your pet in case of turbulence.

It is not recommended to attach any original copies of your pet’s vaccination records to their travel crate. Doing so increases the chances of you losing the important documents.

Yes, you can attach collars and leash to your pet’s travel crate. Please note, you aren’t allowed to put these things inside the crate for the safety of your pet.

Feeding pets within 8 hours of their flights isn’t recommended as this may lead to travel sickness. However, we will ensure your pet have supply to sufficient water throughout their flight.

Pets need to be available at the airport 3 hours before the departure for convenient check in

Yes. International Pet Transport’s consultant will inform you when your pet is ready to fly and about to land. You will be updated on your pet’s travel on every step till they reach you.

Once we have completed all the formalities relating to checking in your pet for their flight, an airline staff will undertake the responsibility of loading your pet onto the flight.

Your pet will be loaded into the pet cabin that is dimly lit and air pressured. Also, the cabin is climate control to keep your pet comfortable. Your pet’s travel create will be fastened for safety and security.

As your pet travels in the pet cabin, the flight officials offload them first and check on them. Whenever there are pets travelling on a plane, the captain is informed about it.

Usually, pets are ready for collection post 1 to 2 hours after the flight lands. However, the time may differ due to airport formalities.


If you have additional queries regarding your pet’s international travel, you can get in touch with our experts via call or email.