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Want to travel abroad with your dog? No problem. Get in touch with our travel experts, and we will assist you.

International dog Transport offers a dog transport service that makes it easy for you to take your dog on an overseas vacation. No matter what breed you own, we can help you relocate your dog to any location in the world.

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Why International Dog Transport?

Moving your dog from one country to the other involves a lengthy process. From booking their travel plan to vaccinations to paperwork, everything needs to be in place or else you could face problems with their relocation. To avoid inconvenience, it is best to place the responsibility of transporting your dog in the hands of our experts.

Our Professionalism

Our team of experts is knowledgeable enough to guide you through the transportation process, ensuring great convenience to you and an incredible journey to your dog. When you place the responsibility of your dog’s travel in our hands, we take complete charge of their comfort and safety.

Our Dog Loving Staff

International dog Transport has a team of affectionate pet handlers who are excited to look after dogs of different breeds. Our team carefully handles every dog and looks after their needs, ensuring they don’t miss their owner much. From the beginning of the journey to the end, our pet handlers are on their toes to manage your dogs. No matter what breed you own, our team is enthusiastic about taking care of your pets during their travel.

Travelling Made Fun

Not all dogs enjoy travelling. However, at International dog Transport, we aim to keep every dog comfortable and happy so that they can enjoy every moment of their journey. We also don’t want to keep your dog away from you for too long. Therefore, we book the most direct flights to your destination so your pet can reunite with you at the earliest. Also, we rely only upon pet-friendly airlines for transporting your dogs. Our years of experience in the field has helped us know which airlines are the best for your dogs, and we insist on booking only these airlines.

Door-to-Door Service

The journey of your pet begins not from the time they board the flight, but from the moment they leave home. Our dog transport service takes the responsibility of picking up your dog from your doorstep and dropping them at your new address. To deliver your dogs to your doorstep, we arrange for the most comfortable cars to pick them from your home and drop them at the airport and vice versa. No matter what mode of transport we choose for them, we ensure they are never put in an uncomfortable state because they are as precious to us as they are to you.

Well Organised Journey

Designing a travel plan for your dog is a huge responsibility. Our travel experts want to ensure the comfort of your pet while keeping in mind all your needs. We first set up a meeting of you with our travel experts, so you can discuss all your requirements relating to your pet’s travel. A plan will then be designed accordingly and discussed with you. Once approved, our team will make the required bookings. We usually need about 1 to 6 weeks prior notice to make travel arrangements and bookings for your dog, depending on your requirements and the destination.

Special Documentation

International Dog transportation involves a lot of documentation. Any dog travelling abroad must get an original health certificate issued by a licensed vet. This certificate needs to be issued within 10 days of the travel date. Also, many international destinations require dogs to have rabies vaccination done at least 1 month before the travel date. Certain countries require submission of documents like import permits, quarantine kennel reservation, etc. Our travel experts will inform you about all the documents you require to collect before your pet’s departure, so you don’t face any last moment hassles.

Emergency Assistance

If due for any reason, your pet’s flight gets canceled, you don’t have to worry about collecting your pet. We can take care of your pets upon request and book the next immediate flight for them to fly to you as soon as possible. Our team keeps all the owners posted in case of any flight cancellations.

pet cage

Arrangements For Perfect-Size Crates

All airlines have specific rules regarding carrying pets, and if these rules aren’t followed, then they have every right to reject the pet from boarding the flight. The most important rule of all is one of arranging a perfect size crate or kennel for your dog’s travel. When preparing your dog for international travel, you need to get a properly sized kennel that is comfortable enough for the dog to sit, stand and turn around in. Airlines do not approve too small or even too big kennels. Hence, you need to focus on getting the right size crate or kennel for your dog’s travel. Our experts can help you get the right size, airline-approved crates or kennels for your dogs to minimize the chances of airlines refusing to ship your pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

International Pet Transport offers hassle-free, comprehensive dog transport services across Australia. With a presence in all major cities, we ensure a stress-free and quick movement of your pets.
Our comprehensive service includes flight booking, doorstep pickup, boarding, transit, different comfort stops, customs and quarantine clearances, and delivery to your new address. To make our services efficient, quick, and highly affordable, we choose the most direct route while booking the flight. With air-conditioned, special animal transport vehicles, the transport of your dog from your doorstep to the first airport and the destination airport to your new location are comfortable and safe.
Does your pet have a longer transit time due to connecting flights? We will offer transit care and minimise the stress of your dog.

Our extensive network and streamlined procedures – including the most direct flight route booking – help us to provide transport services at highly affordable rates. The costs of transporting your dog vary, as it depends on the destination, the date of transport, documentation requirements, and any special care needs.
You can get an obligation-free estimate by providing us with the details of your requirements by using our online form.

International Pet Transport offers transport cages in different sizes and shapes to carry your dog. These travel kennels are specially designed to give ample room for your pet to turn around, lie down, sit up, and stand. All our travel kennels are manufactured as per the IATA standards and are approved by various airline providers.
These crates feature an attached water bowl, and you have the option to add a stay dry fleece mat to the bottom of the crate to provide extra comfort for your pet. At International Pet Transport, we offer a comprehensive service that also includes the supply of dog kennels based on the requirements of your pet. However, any customisation requirements may incur additional charges.

We consider a number of factors while booking the flights to ensure that your dog will be completely comfortable during the flight. We select the most direct flights for the transportation of your pet by considering connection times, flight duration, airline rules on animal transportation, comfort stops, and more.
To make the transportation of your pet hassle-free and comply with animal transport rules, we will select airline-approved travel kennels for your dog. These kennels are custom built and will have enough room for your pet to turn around, sit, stand, and lie down. Your dog will travel in dedicated cabins on the aeroplane that are pressure and temperature controlled.
We have comfort stops at regular intervals if your pet is travelling on a long-haul flight. During these stops, our expert staff will arrange a walk and play for your pet to help them to relax. If there are layovers, your pet will be boarded at an animal hotel until the next flight.

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