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We understand that the thought of transporting your pet in an aircraft may evoke multiple emotions in you, making it difficult for you to take on the responsibility of preparing your pet’s travel plans. Also, the transportation of pets to and from Australia involves a lengthy procedure that not all are well-versed with. The many rules and regulations relating to moving pets in and out of Australia call for the need for expert advice. We are an expert in providing pet relocation services and has transported a number of pets to various countries over the years. With our expertise and knowledge, we have the ability to safely move your pet to any part of the world.

Expert Advice

We specialises in moving pets in and out of Australia, and hence we have complete knowledge of all the rules relating to pet transportation. Irrespective of the country you wish to send your pet to or get one from, we can offer guidance for a hassle-free pet transportation experience.

What We Offer?

No matter what information you require relating to moving your pet, you can rely on us for the answer. Our team of experts can provide you with details on:

Travel Info

Transporting pets from one location to the other is a huge responsibility. If you wish to move your pet to another country, you need to be thorough with all the rules and regulations to avoid any hassle. You can rely upon us for all the laws relating to pet transportation. Our experts can offer advice on how you can prepare your pets for travel, documentation, customs, quarantine, and more. No matter what query you have regarding your pets travel, you can depend upon us for all the answers.

Customised Travel Plans

We understand that every pet is different and hence we cannot design the same itinerary fortwo2 pets, even if they are of the same breed. Our travel experts have multiple discussions with you regarding the nature of your pet and special requirements if any. Once they get a clear idea on what is expected, a customised itinerary is designed for your pet to travel conveniently. When designing the travel plan for your pet, we consider every minute detail, so your pet travels in comfort and you are assured of their safety.f

Is It Safe To Transport Pets Overseas?

Pet transportation is a safe option. For years, animals like cats, dogs, reptiles, and birds have been transported overseas with great care and safety by reputed pet transportation companies. Pets are usually transported by air and road transports. We have  experience of moving pets from one country to the other in the most convenient manner. We offer door-to-door services in which you can expect your pet to be picked from your doorstep and dropped at your new address.

Direct Flights Are The Best

We understand you don’t like being separated from your beloved pet and they don’t prefer it too. Keeping this in mind, we focus on booking the most direct flights for your pets, so they can reunite with you at the earliest. Direct flights don’t require your pet to move planes or spend time at airports waiting to take the next connecting flight. Also, there are chances that despite all the arrangements made, your pet may not feel very happy while traveling. In such scenarios, short and direct flights are a savior.

Getting Your Pet Ready for the Travel

Just like you prepare for your trips, you need to prepare your pets as well. Right from their vaccination to health check-ups to travel crates, everything needs to be arranged well in advance. Since your pets travel in a travel crate, it is best to pick a travel crate months in advance of their journey. Having the chosen travel crate around your pet will help them familiarise with it. This will make things easy for them on the day of the journey. Also, you need to arrange for dry fleece mats or beddings for your pets travel crates. Getting your pet comfortable with the bedding will make it easy for them to sleep during the travel.

Arranging For The Best Equipment

Getting the perfect travel crate for your pet isn’t enough, you need to make arrangements for other accessories as well. Invest in metal hardware that is sturdy enough to hold both halves of the crate.

 Also, it is recommended to cable tie the door and corners of your pet’s travel crate. Cable ties don’t open easily and add an extra level of protection. Moreover, you need to get your pet a large water bowl that can hold enough water for your pet to stay hydrated during the travel.

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What Happens During The Flight?

Once your pets reach the airline terminal, they are made to wait in a special waiting area. The airport staff places each pet in a secured position, so they stay safe during the travel. 

The pets are placed in a special cabin in the cargo that is dimly lit, and temperature controlled. 

The airline staff makes every arrangement for your pets to travel safely and securely as the aircraft configuration restricts the staff from check on your pets during the travel.

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If you have any queries relating to transporting pets to an international destination, you can contact us for details. Call our experts or get in touch with us via email for further information.