A Brief on International Dog Transport Across Australia

A couple of people would consider moving to one more country without bringing their entire family members. Also, most times, that comprises four-legged members of the claimed household. Even if you desire your close canine friend with you for a long vacation, it is essential to remember that international dog transport can be rather difficult and also needs advancement preparation.

The first thing to check out is the particular guidelines of the country you are entering and whether your nation has any constraints on re-entering. Many nations who consider themselves rabies-free are very protective of that standing and will require the pet to be verified perfectly healthy before admitting to travelling or with return journeys to get back to the native land. Some nations, such as Australia, will limit what types of dogs can get in the nation.

At the very least, most nations will certainly demand that your pet is micro-chipped and has its vaccinations up to date, particularly rabies. Sometimes, it might be essential for your family pet to undergo a blood test after vaccination to ensure it has taken result and the canine is cost-free from rabies.

Besides the wellness requirements, you may also require guaranteeing your pet’s travel arrangements fit. For example, if you are passing by air, it deserves to talk with the airline company, particularly if you intend to take a trip on the same plane as your mascot. Some airlines will only move pets as freight cargo, while others might enable you to bring your pet aboard as checked-in travel luggage, provided you have the right kennel approved for air travel and pay an additional charge.

If you want to bring your close canine friend with you on your travels, prepare ahead. Otherwise, you may have to leave him in quarantine for weeks until the veterinarians at your destination consider he satisfies all the health and wellness needs. Those guidelines apply whether you are flying to your destination or travelling by car and truck, so familiarise yourself with them even if your trip entails crossing the border to an adjoining nation.

Many countries that consider themselves rabies-free are extremely protective of that status and will certainly call for the family pet to be verified as perfectly healthy before travelling or returning to the nation of origin. In addition, some countries, such as Australia, will limit what types of pets can enter the country.


If you are moving to a new location in Australia and want to bring your dog with you, there are some things you need to know. In this post, you will get to know an overview of the process for international dog transport across Australia.